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What is it like to be DEAF?

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This VLOG is to educate the hearing people and help spread the awareness about our Deaf culture. The VLOG part two coming soon but If you have any stories to share what you or someone you know went through similiar ex...

Top tips for Health Professionals when communicating with Deaf young people

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Made by Deaf young people, this film suggests ways to improve Deaf awareness and communication skills amongst Health Professionals when working with Deaf young people. This includes making an appointment; arriving ...

Australian Sign Language – Auslan

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Australian Sign Language - Auslan

India & International Deaf Film Festival 2014 – 13rd JUNE 2014 in PALAKKAD , KERALA – INDIA

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India & International Deaf Film Festival 2014 HOST_NDFC Organisation on12th to 13rd JUNE 2014 in PALAKKAD , KERALA

The 4th Hong Kong Deaf Festival Announcement [English Version]

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Hello Deaf Friends an update, If you have a documentary or a film based on Deaf, Please forward your work ASAP to Hong Kong Deaf Film Festival The 4th Hong Kong International Deaf Fil...

Deaf Schools (with audio and captions)

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Produced by Joshua Beckman Captioned by ASLized! Special thanks to Robbie Sutton for providing audio support TRANSCRIPTION BELOW: VANCE YOUNGS (ERNEST C. DRURY SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF): I have vivid memories at my Dea...

The Indian Sign Language and the shortage of trained Instructors.

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The biggest problem faced by the deaf in India is the shortage of deaf schools and an established and proven curriculum the major reason is the number of teachers, instructors trained in Indian Sign Language are so lo...

Online News for deaf at SignTV

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SignTv as an Online Website that will Create, Produce, and Host programs for the Deaf in Sign Language. Any individual, Group or Community can use this online web facility for free in their own home/place, schools, ed...

Internet as a communication channel for the deaf

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This generation has moved from an Internet centric society to a more mobile centric society the possibilities are more for Internet as a choice medium for the Deaf to keep in touch and stay in touch. Interventions:...

Deaf in India and the accessibility to view Deaf Programs

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At Present the deaf in India (approximate 60-82 %) do not have access to Television, Computers, Laptops, Tabs, and Mobiles etc as a single user. Because they cannot afford it or own one( an extra ) Individually owning...