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Is MLM System Good, Bad or Scam?

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Talking about MLM and Pyramid. America's Largest News for Deaf & Hard of Hearing.

Deaf FaceBook Victims – Must Watch – Excellent Presentation

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In deaf communities, we all are becoming victim by hackers or scammers. I am now show how to stop this, report to FB scam....Actual FB arent any helpful Rink I'm glad this video was made, I shared it on my Faceb...

Deaf Community – India – Rapidly Developing Deaf Community

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Re-Blogged from : Life for deaf and hard of hearing people in India continues to improve. There are more schools for the deaf, a growing number of educ...

A First – Sign Language Interpreters at Modi’s Swearing-in Ceremony –

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Around 18 million deaf Indian citizens will be able to follow all details of Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony on Monday with sign language interpretation facilities at the installation of a new prime minister for ...

Social Media and Your Job Search for the Deaf

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This video compares the differences between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn more how you can utilities each social media to your advantage in finding the job of your dreams. This project was created and devel...

Differences in Deaf and Hearing Culture – Beautiful Presentation

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Ira Rothenberg2 weeks ago i think this is a good start. You're doing the best you can to present both sides. How about including more people of colors? you'd be surprised to see further nuances within the signin...

The life-changing work of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

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A four minute film introducing Hearing Dogs and our life-changing work. Includes soundwork training, comments from recipients, a brief history, and the vital role of our volunteers and fundraisers. http://www.heari...

The Deaf Dream Grant Submission – The Deaf Dream supports and promotes the dreams of Deaf worldwide.

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How will we do this? What is our innovation? Deaf people in the developing world are consistently marginalized. We find, educate, and support Deaf leaders to be examples and advocates in their communities. We ...

The Deaf community – Deaf People from 27 different countries participating!! Awesome

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Please visit : The Deaf community is made up of extremely diverse people. From every walk of life, in every corner of the world. Watch this powerful video, a signature statement on just how t...

Must Watch – Beware of Deaf Scam – Cheating Deaf People By Scammers

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Everyone knows about spam emails that try to trick people out of their money. But there's growing evidence that deaf people are being targeted as part of online scams, which is why a new video is aiming to raise aware...

Deaf Community Etiquette

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When learning to sign, and interacting with the Deaf community, here are some suggestions for appropriate manners and respectful, positive interactions: Deaf zones are Signing zones When a Deaf person is in the ro...


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Reblogged from : The Competition Section for DEAF Films that was instituted in IIDFF to encourage DEAF Film makers has been holding a strong presence. The various sections under which...

Courier Company in Mumbai, India has 68 Deaf Workers

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Run by a 29-year-old Oxford MBA and staffed almost entirely by deaf people, Mumbai-based 'Mirakle Couriers' The Mirakle Couriers office at Churchgate, Mumbai with its huge stacks of parcels and loads of paper, emp...

Deaf People Are Discriminated From Applying For A Coffee Job! -WWYD?

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Good News Everyone, WWYD Returns With New Scenarios In May!! In this scenario we witness deaf applicants who try to apply for a job at a shop when the manager clearly tells them that they are not qualified for the po...