a. To facilitate the IT and Web industry to share its skills with “Deaf Community” through the web, open source programming and assistive technology platforms by developing projects that improve the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing and improve access to information, education, health and awareness through assistive technology and make them independent.
b.To establish and promote working relationships within IT parks / SignTv Center for Assistive Technology and other organizations with an interest in enhancing the use of access technologies regarding the support, information and educational experiences of deaf.
c. To seek external funding through grants and donations to eventually fully support the operations of SignTv Center for Assistive Technology
d. To continually monitor and evaluate access needs within the deaf education community and contribute to the successful implementation of such technologies in as short a time period as possible.
e. To scan access technology and general information technology for potential benefits within deaf information and education and incorporate that knowledge within SignTv Center for Assistive Technology programs.
f. To prioritize possible solutions and projects given the knowledge gained from the analysis of needs and emerging innovative technologies to support the deaf and hard of hearing.
g. To seek support for initiatives that will compare and evaluate various access technologies and report findings to the academic community to guide decision-making with regards to offering support services to deaf students.
h. To report and disseminate current findings and developments supported by the center to appropriate organizations and individuals.
i. To develop and disseminate instruction and training on issues related to access technologies and deaf education.

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