Shades of Silence

Shades of Silence is an exhibition featuring two outstanding Deaf Artists who’s paintings speaks volumes of their great talent and how they have overcome their disabilities to become Kerala state award winners. This is their first major exhibition. These artists have walked a path littered with obstacles, but didn’t allow any of them to hold them back. In the end, their art won and shone through the difficulties in their life.

shades of silence

shades of silen

Talking Hands – Creating Conversations is a team of 7 deaf and hearing colleagues in Allianz In Technopark, Trivandrum. Who is focused in breaking barriers and ensuring equality. Talking Hands works closely with 3000 employees in teaching sign language so that they can communicate and engage with the 7 deaf employees and vice versa.

SignTv is an online deaf news channel based in Trivandrum which presents news in Indian Sign Language and reaches out to many deaf communities in India. SignTv is in the fore front of providing deaf news, deaf awareness, deaf education and deaf advocacy for the deaf community in sign language.


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