A Very Special Message To The Deaf Community,Supporters and Allianz Colleagues welcoming each one of you to the “Shades of Silence” Deaf Art Exhibition.

Shades of Silence is an exhibition featuring two outstanding Deaf Artists. The paintings speaks volumes of their great talent and how they have overcome their disabilities to become Kerala state award winners. This is their first major exhibition. These artists have walked a path littered with obstacles, but didn’t allow any of them to hold them back. In the end, their art won and shone through the difficulties in their life.

Talking Hands – Creating Conversations is a team of 7 deaf and hearing colleagues in Allianz. Who is focused in breaking barriers and ensuring equality. Talking Hands works closely with 3000 employees in teaching sign language so that they can communicate and engage with the 7 deaf employees and vice versa.

SignTv is an online deaf news channel based in Trivandrum which presents news in Indian Sign Language and reaches many deaf communities in India. SignTv is in the fore front of providing deaf news, deaf awareness, deaf education and deaf advocacy for the deaf community in sign language.


Shri Mohan Varma – Mohan Varma is an inspiring example of an artist who overcame his disability and went on to become an exemplary and well respected deaf artist. Within his world of silence he created impressive art done in paper collage, water colour, acrylic and oil not only bringing his talent out, also his expertise across a lot of different mediums. His paper collage works are outstanding, which come across in the way he uses different types of colour paper, cut to different sizes to form a meaning full whole picture. The use of colour tones leaves the viewer speechless. He presents an astonishing sense of space and form with detailing of size, height, slow clouds, pathways, female figures, animals and birds depicts a perfect sense of scale.

The poetry in his lines and colours and the simplicity in thought portray an inner self of the artist. Hailing from Thrissur, at a very young age Mohan Varma showed great interest in clay modelling and he was self-taught and went on to prove his worth by making several good life size models which led him to spending 4 years in Trivandrum Fine Arts College and securing a first class in BFA. He joined the Kerala State Institute of Languages as Artist on 10th September 1975 where his imaginative works like the water colour and oil painting caricatures adorn both cover page and inner pages of more than 500 publications is a remarkable achievement. In 1996 he became the recipient of the best differently abled employee award instituted by the Government of Kerala.

Shri R JAYAPRAKASH – His expert brush commands respect and the layers he painstakingly creates are amazing. He has a great hand and his use of colour is exquisite. His paintings are all finely finished. The warmth and colour in his pieces stand out and reflect his optimistic spirit. R Jayaprakash has painted figures, landscapes, still life and anything that he found interesting in all mediums – watercolours, oils, pastels, and acrylic. His grasp of line, form and colour tones was something exceptional. His paintings leave one enthralled. Jayaprakash also paints landscapes and still life with equal compositional and tonal skill.

Born in Kottarakara, right from his childhood he showed great interest in drawing and excellent talent in painting. Jayaprakash earned his diploma in painting and drawing from Raja Ravi Varma institute of Fine Arts in Mavelikara in 1982 and went to join several state schools and has been an art teacher since then and is currently working in Manacaud girl’s high school. He is the recipient of both the State (State award for the most efficient physically disabled employee 1993) and National award (National award for the welfare of the handicapped from then President Shankar Dayal Sharma in 1995) for employees who are differently abled.


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