About Us – SignTv

We are India’s First Online Deaf News Channel, presenting deaf news in Sign Language – Monday to Friday.

Deaf News: SignTv produces daily local, national and international news in “both Local and Indian Sign Language” and then broadcast it in SignTv website as embedded news / recorded news or live web streaming on a daily basis. Online Education: e-Learning produce, co-produce, create a new medium of video based sign language educational programs which can be viwed by anyone for free by downloading the videos from the site or play it directly from the SignTV website or watch real time video streaming of educational programs streamed live from our studio or other spaces.

• Teaching of ISL Indian Sign Language everyday both basic and advanced Indian Sign Language) Virtual Class Room.

• Pre recorded educational videos teaching basic Indian Sign Language ( Uploaded in Parts in both the Website and YouTube and shared across all social media’s)

• Create an online video based Indian sign language library which will become the single point of resource for the Indian deaf community which will be used to teach and promote unified Indian sign language.

SignTv will be an online TV. The programs (News, Educational Videos, Online Teaching, Interviews, Health Awareness videos, Awareness Videos, Studio talks and short films at the moment, other programs later are and will be made by deaf and hard of hearing people, so the questions placed by the reporters, the news published and the greatest part of the sentences formed in this medium reflect the thinking and the world of the deaf and hard hearing people. As an online medium, SignTv will be available 24 hours a day (the produced programs are uploaded to the website,Facebook and YouTube). SignTv uses the Internet as the place and space of operation and communication, and continuously seeks for the latest solutions to be provided at a low cost to the deaf community, therefore we try to make the best use of IT results in this field.

From a societal respect, our project is innovative because the problem will be solved by the concerned group, each step will be made by them, and so each step will serve the needs and interests of the target group. Also, SignTv is a brilliant opportunity for a minority group to teach and influence their niche community. The staff of SignTv are resolute to make high standard news and other programs so that mainstream media will be interested in using the materials (they will have the possibility to do so). Nonprofit Media Centers in India has various experiences of this type: how community media can influence the thematic and attitude of mainstream media.A project that will work with all the deaf communities, deaf supporting groups, institutions, organizations, charity and non-profit organizations.

SignTv has filed the name and logo for Trademark

SignTv Charitable Association for the Welfare of the Deaf ( Registration No: TVM/TC/31/2014 ) – SignTv Deaf News is Registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act.1955

SignTv is a registered Internet Society Member – ID No: 105263