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The importance of sign language

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A short video highlighting the importance of teaching sign language to everybody. This will facilitate communication between the deaf and hearing communities, so reducing isolation of deaf people. From CBM partner org...

Kindergarten Readiness for Deaf Children in American Sign Language

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Image description: A white male with short reddish blonde hair, beard, and moustache, wearing a royal blue dress shirt and navy blue blazer, in front of a brown silk screen, presents in American Sign Language (ASL) th...

Want to be a Deaf Role Model?

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Transcription of video:Do you remember the reason behind your interest? what you wanted to be when you grew up? Did you want to be a police officer? A nurse? A doctor? A fireman? A teacher? Or was it something you wan...

How Many Senses Do Deaf People Have?

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Answer: The number doesn't actually matter. What's cool to realize is that it's way more than we previously thought. What's important is that the level, sensitivity, and use that HUMANS get out of a sense isn't uni...

Cape Town Hotel with 30% of employees deaf

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A Cape Town Hotel has been making headlines for all the right reasons, lately by exposing guests to the world of deaf people. 30 percent of employees at the Newlands based Park Inn are completely or partially deaf. It...

Deaffinity – Deaf Awareness

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Hello Deaf friend Check now the FIRST DEAF Comic Book at Also subscribe to the Deaf.Power.UK YouTube channel -------------------------- The reality of deafnes...

A Culture Unknown: a view into the Deaf World

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sign languages are an important part of Deaf culture. The American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet is shown here. Deaf culture is the set of social beliefs, b...

sign-language radio docs aim to help deaf audiences ‘be part of a larger conversation’

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CBC's The Current launches pilot project for deaf, hearing-impaired audiences CBC Radio and current affairs show The Current are starting a pilot project to help improve the accessibility of public radio for an estim...

How to Talk to a Deaf Person

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In which Leticia (heidiindisguise) gives you some tips on how to interact with Deaf people - along with some insights into Deaf culture - while wearing many hats. A few general pointers: - Aim to speak clearly a...

Deafness and Hearing Loss Hustings (3 of 9): Question on Access to Work

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Debate on the Access to Work Scheme from the Deafness and Hearing Loss Hustings, held on 2nd March.

Talking Hands Creating Conversations – in Technopark

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Talking Hands - Creating Conversations: In Technopark we have a growing number of special listeners with close to 35 differently abled employees which itself is very motivating and inspiring and promoting empowerment ...

Communicating with people who have hearing loss… What you need to know

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If you search for 'Deaf Awareness Training' on Google, there are a lot of sites returned, but if you ask a 'person in the street' what it means, they're unlikely to be able to tell you. That's why we called our vid...

SignTv India Deaf News

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SignTv India Deaf News is India's first online deaf news channel to present news in Indian Sign Language.

SignTv India Deaf News – 07/08/2015

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SignTv India Deaf News is India’s first online deaf news channel to present news in Indian Sign Language. We are presenting news from Monday to Friday.

SignTv India Deaf News – 06/08/2015

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SignTv Deaf News Latest News Edited & Presented by Vithal Raj.A Produced By SignTv - SignTv India Deaf News is India's first online deaf news channel to present news in Indian Sign Language.

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