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Mental health inequalities for deaf and disabled people

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Mental health inequalities for disabled and deaf people are a significant problem, according to a report published last week by the London Assembly Health Committee. Studies have shown that disabled and deaf people...

Award Winning Deaf Art -‘Shades of Silence’

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They had aptly titled it 'Shades of Silence', a painting exhibition which began at Lalithakala Academy Art Gallery at Vyloppilli Samskrithi Bhavan on Monday under the aegis of Alliance Group and SignTv, a city-based o...

Deaf Art – Reflections from a silent world – Deaf Art and Paintings

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Read More The paintings and collages are pointers to the great passion of Mohan Varma and Jayaprakash, who had braved all odds to flourish beyond their speech and hearing disabilities over the years of their existe...

Channelling the IT dream of Deaf and HOH children at Technopark!

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Read More Vishu S S, Vaishnu S Nair, Daniel J and Jeby Gerald, this was their first visit to the swanky interiors of the Technopark, located 15 kilometres away from the city. But the visit inspired these children, ...

Deaf Art – Soulful eloquence of colours

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 Read More Aurally challenged artists depict nature’s beauty and scenes of life A picture is worth a thousand words, so say aurally challenged artists Mohan Varma and R. Jayaprakash through their paintings. A co...


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REGISTRATION for media partner - Media Partner Registration Media registration for 4th IIDFF 2016 is strictly reserved for editorial staff representing Media Company. Media registrants are eligible for all IID...

So if Beethoven was completely deaf, how did he compose?

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For more reading Ludwig was still pumping out the masterpieces - even when he was completely deaf. Here's how he did it."For the last three years my hearing has grown steadily weaker..." - so wrote Beethoven, aged ...

Deaf Cadets Aspire to Military Service

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For more Story:For more Story Four teens in camouflage fatigues march briskly around a brick plaza at the Maryland School for the Deaf, silently marking their cadence in American Sign Language: “Left!” ‘’Left!” ...

U.S. defends title, captures Deaf Women’s World Cup

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Story from : For more story visit The U.S. deaf women's national team are champions again after finishing undefeated in the World Deaf Football Championships in Eboli, Italy. The U.S., which also won the cup in 201...

“We Can’t Hear, but We Can Listen,” Say Deaf Students in Mexico

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For More Info : for more info PUEBLA, Mexico – They don’t hear anything but feel everything – between applause, eight young Mexican students with hearing defects received their high school diplomas and so became the ...

Judith Harter – Ich bin die gehörlose Texterin des Gehörlosblogs

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Link Ich bin die gehörlose Texterin des Gehörlosblogs… und es macht mir soviel Spaß zu schreiben. Ich liebe das Schreiben sehr. Ich habe schon immer gerne geschrieben und mit dem Blog habe ich ein hervorragendes M...

Feeling the beat: What it’s like to be a Deaf Music Fan

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GIF: Amber Galloway Gallego interprets Hilltop Hoods in American Sign Language Imagine standing on a stage, in front of thousands of people and translating a rapper into a completely different language, in re...

11-year-old boy born deaf among nation’s top spellers

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11-year-old boy who was born deaf among nation's top spellers Neil Maes, 11, of Belton, S.C., smiles while he is interviewed at The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bel...

efsli Deaf Interpreters’ Spring seminar in Berlin!

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For more reading visit

Deaf and Hearing Sing Together – a project from Common Purpose Alumni in Germany

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This film is the result of a project created by participants of a Common Purpose International Navigator course in Hamburg, Germany in 2010. A little extract of what the video shows: "On the December 22nd 2010, de...

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