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Reblogged from : The Competition Section for DEAF Films that was instituted in IIDFF to encourage DEAF Film makers has been holding a strong presence. The various sections under which...

8-Yr-Old Basketbal Star Says Being Deaf Has No Limits

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8-Yr-Old Basketbal Star Says Being Deaf Has No Limits | NBC Nightly News Ask 8-year-old Zeke Ortiz what he wants to be when he grows up, and he'll answer without hesitation — a pro basketball player. » Subscribe to ...

Deafhood its Our Pride

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My personal definition of deaf hood, as I understand it so far, is that it means that a person with hearing loss recognizes that he or she is not a hearing person, and feels positive about themselves. It can happen at...

Is Sign Language Dying? Technology Threatens Unique Language??

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Reblogged from : A uniquely expressive language is in danger of disappearing. I don't mean an ancient tongue like Latin, used only in the academic wo...

Baba ‘Panther’ Sidhaye – “First Deaf cricket player in the world” – Indian Deaf Pride

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"One of the world record is approved by Limca Book of Records as a National Record,Baba ‘Panther’ Sidhaye – “First Deaf cricket player in the world” worked in Railways from 1952 to 1967-68. An occasional leg spin bowl...

The Healing Power of Pets (in ASL)

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Pets have been shown to have a therapeutic effect on some conditions, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and physical illness. This video discusses how you may benefit from the healing power of pets. Some powerful q...

Deaf Community Etiquette

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When learning to sign, and interacting with the Deaf community, here are some suggestions for appropriate manners and respectful, positive interactions: Deaf zones are Signing zones When a Deaf person is in the ro...

Differences in Deaf and Hearing Culture – Beautiful Presentation

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Ira Rothenberg2 weeks ago i think this is a good start. You're doing the best you can to present both sides. How about including more people of colors? you'd be surprised to see further nuances within the signin...

About Deaf Protest at New Delhi on 3rd February for RPWD (RPWD 2013) Please Join Us

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Deaf Community in support of unity and campaign for RPWD2013″ India has about 18m+ deaf and 40m hard of hearing people. Yet, little is being done for education, employment, and other rights of this huge population....

Employing a Deaf Person and Access to Work – For Employers Please Watch

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Access to work for those with hearing impairment - expert advice from Carly Renaud at Deafinite Interpreters Ltd - Don't miss new In a nutshell videos... subscribe by clicking...

Technology and Deaf Culture – Must Watch

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Technology and Deaf Culture By John Canniff

India & International Deaf Film Festival 2014 – 13rd JUNE 2014 in PALAKKAD , KERALA – INDIA

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India & International Deaf Film Festival 2014 HOST_NDFC Organisation on12th to 13rd JUNE 2014 in PALAKKAD , KERALA

An App to Talk with the Deaf No Sign Language Necessary !!

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Transcense is a new app that accurately translates conversations in real time so the deaf and hard of hearing can participate in meetings, presentations and conversations. Founders Thibault Duchemin, Pieter Doevend...

Expected future for the Deaf – Great Video – Deaf Gadgets

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We see a world where communication is open and transparent. A world where every deaf person can interact freely with others. It's not simply a far-fetched dream, it's our vision for the future. It's why CSD exists, an...

Be Safe! Deaf Community Safety In Sign Language

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Must Watch Very Informative Gwent Police has joined with the British Deaf Association and members of the Deaf community to launch a DVD to help the Deaf community throughout the UK to stay safe.

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