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8-Yr-Old Basketbal Star Says Being Deaf Has No Limits

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8-Yr-Old Basketbal Star Says Being Deaf Has No Limits | NBC Nightly News Ask 8-year-old Zeke Ortiz what he wants to be when he grows up, and he'll answer without hesitation — a pro basketball player. » Subscribe to ...

Early Intervention: The Missing Link – Deaf role models at hospitals are non existent and this is the missing link

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“SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR BABY” At this meeting, the very first thing the doctor typically says, with a very mournful face, is, “I am sorry." Early Intervention: The Missing Link Researched, Composed, and Si...

Deaf FaceBook Victims – Must Watch – Excellent Presentation

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In deaf communities, we all are becoming victim by hackers or scammers. I am now show how to stop this, report to FB scam....Actual FB arent any helpful Rink I'm glad this video was made, I shared it on my Faceb...

The Silent Heroes by Director Mahesh Bhatt is the story of 13 Real Deaf children

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The Silent Heroes by Director Mahesh Bhatt is the story of 13 Real Deaf children who are all set to prove to the world that nothing is Impossible. Like and subscribe to see out promos and other videos. Synopsis In t...

Must Watch – Beware of Deaf Scam – Cheating Deaf People By Scammers

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Everyone knows about spam emails that try to trick people out of their money. But there's growing evidence that deaf people are being targeted as part of online scams, which is why a new video is aiming to raise aware...

Deafhood its Our Pride

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My personal definition of deaf hood, as I understand it so far, is that it means that a person with hearing loss recognizes that he or she is not a hearing person, and feels positive about themselves. It can happen at...

Amazing Deaf in the Military [Subtitled]: Keith Nolan at TEDxIslay

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To learn how you can help to support this movement: For more information about this event, please go to This speech was made at TEDxIslay in Los Angeles, California o...

Deaf Power of India: Fight for Your Rights!

1.35K Views0 Comments — Calvin and Dalton joins a gathering of Deaf Indians discussing independence of sign language. Video credits: Dalton Kramer/Calvin Young : Editor: Calvin Young Arun had been working ...

Expected future for the Deaf – Great Video – Deaf Gadgets

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We see a world where communication is open and transparent. A world where every deaf person can interact freely with others. It's not simply a far-fetched dream, it's our vision for the future. It's why CSD exists, an...

How to Prepare for Deaf Jobs – A Must Watch Very Informative for the Deaf Community

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This is another video in the job readiness series provided by the Deaf Action Center. Hints and tips for how to have a successful job interview are presented by Wendi Coker. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ...

How to Communicate / Connect with Deaf and Hard of Hearing ‘Must Watch’

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How to communicate / connect with deaf and hard of hearing by me.

U.S. President Barack Obama in American Sign Language – Nelson Mandela Memorial Real Interpreter

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(TRANSCRIPT BELOW) Join U.S. President Barack Obama in his tribute to Nelson Mandela during the memorial service. Mandela was a one-of-a-kind human being who devoted his life to ending racism, poverty, and inequality....

“How Can I Become a Therapist for Deaf People?” Must See!

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Because I use American Sign Language with some of my clients, I am often asked how a therapist can welcome Deaf clients into their practices. The original script of this video is below, for those of you who do not sig...

The Deaf community – Deaf People from 27 different countries participating!! Awesome

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Please visit : The Deaf community is made up of extremely diverse people. From every walk of life, in every corner of the world. Watch this powerful video, a signature statement on just how t...

Employing a Deaf Person and Access to Work – For Employers Please Watch

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Access to work for those with hearing impairment - expert advice from Carly Renaud at Deafinite Interpreters Ltd - Don't miss new In a nutshell videos... subscribe by clicking...

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