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Autism Information & the Deaf Community – Dr. Julie Ray

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Hello! I have made this video in an effort to connect with the Deaf community and share the knowledge I have about Autism Spectrum Disorders - for those of you who may be parents or professionals looking for more inf...

Deaf Culture – Big D Small D Who Is a Small D in The Deaf Community?

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One of the first things I learned about deaf culture is that there are "big D" Deaf and "small d" deaf. What is the difference? What makes a deaf person big or small d? Re blogged from :http://deafness.about.com/cs...

The Big Issues – Understanding of the Deaf Culture and Deaf Community

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 Deaf people in general view hearing people negatively because hearing people view deafness as a problem that needs to be fixed and hearing people have been trying to fix them their whole lives. 

Never Underestimate the Power of Deaf Women – Inspiring Deaf Women

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DeafHope is excited to introduce a series,"Never Underestimate the POWER of Deaf Women" to showcase inspiring Deaf women sharing their wisdom with Deaf women everywhere. DeafHope's Julie Rems-Smario and Natty Franc...

Acknowledging Deaf People – Great Video

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Before they discuss sign language or Deaf culture, hearing people should first acknowledge Deaf people. http://blog.noahbuchholz.com/ The thing about Hearing People and Deaf Culture is that Hearing People ALWAYS...

Differences in Deaf and Hearing Culture – Beautiful Presentation

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Ira Rothenberg2 weeks ago i think this is a good start. You're doing the best you can to present both sides. How about including more people of colors? you'd be surprised to see further nuances within the signin...


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Reblogged from :http://www.iidff.org/index.html The Competition Section for DEAF Films that was instituted in IIDFF to encourage DEAF Film makers has been holding a strong presence. The various sections under which...

Is Sign Language Dying? Technology Threatens Unique Language??

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Reblogged from : http://voices.yahoo.com/is-sign-language-dying-138240.html?cat=5 A uniquely expressive language is in danger of disappearing. I don't mean an ancient tongue like Latin, used only in the academic wo...

Deaf Protest In New Delhi for RWPD Thousands of India’s disabled protest to demand Equal Rights

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Thousands of disabled people protested in the Indian capital on Monday, demanding parliament pass long-awaited legislation that gives them equal rights including to education and employment. NEW DELHI: Thousand...

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