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Deaf in India and the accessibility to view Deaf Programs

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At Present the deaf in India (approximate 60-82 %) do not have access to Television, Computers, Laptops, Tabs, and Mobiles etc as a single user. Because they cannot afford it or own one( an extra ) Individually owning...

Internet as a communication channel for the deaf

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This generation has moved from an Internet centric society to a more mobile centric society the possibilities are more for Internet as a choice medium for the Deaf to keep in touch and stay in touch. Interventions:...

Online News for deaf at SignTV

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SignTv as an Online Website that will Create, Produce, and Host programs for the Deaf in Sign Language. Any individual, Group or Community can use this online web facility for free in their own home/place, schools, ed...

The Indian Sign Language and the shortage of trained Instructors.

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The biggest problem faced by the deaf in India is the shortage of deaf schools and an established and proven curriculum the major reason is the number of teachers, instructors trained in Indian Sign Language are so lo...

Deaf Schools (with audio and captions)

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Produced by Joshua Beckman Captioned by ASLized! Special thanks to Robbie Sutton for providing audio support TRANSCRIPTION BELOW: VANCE YOUNGS (ERNEST C. DRURY SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF): I have vivid memories at my Dea...

International Deaf Awareness Day 2014

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For more information, view our website at www.gladinc.org. GLAD is hosting International Deaf Awareness Day on April 12, 2014 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at GLAD with booths, vendors, entertainment and more!!

How to Communicate / Connect with Deaf and Hard of Hearing ‘Must Watch’

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How to communicate / connect with deaf and hard of hearing by me.

Is Sign Language Dying? Technology Threatens Unique Language??

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Reblogged from : http://voices.yahoo.com/is-sign-language-dying-138240.html?cat=5 A uniquely expressive language is in danger of disappearing. I don't mean an ancient tongue like Latin, used only in the academic wo...


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Reblogged from :http://www.iidff.org/index.html The Competition Section for DEAF Films that was instituted in IIDFF to encourage DEAF Film makers has been holding a strong presence. The various sections under which...

Deaf Community Etiquette

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When learning to sign, and interacting with the Deaf community, here are some suggestions for appropriate manners and respectful, positive interactions: Deaf zones are Signing zones When a Deaf person is in the ro...

Must Watch – Beware of Deaf Scam – Cheating Deaf People By Scammers

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Everyone knows about spam emails that try to trick people out of their money. But there's growing evidence that deaf people are being targeted as part of online scams, which is why a new video is aiming to raise aware...

The Deaf community – Deaf People from 27 different countries participating!! Awesome

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Please visit : http://deafnation.com/ The Deaf community is made up of extremely diverse people. From every walk of life, in every corner of the world. Watch this powerful video, a signature statement on just how t...

Differences in Deaf and Hearing Culture – Beautiful Presentation

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Ira Rothenberg2 weeks ago i think this is a good start. You're doing the best you can to present both sides. How about including more people of colors? you'd be surprised to see further nuances within the signin...

Social Media and Your Job Search for the Deaf

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This video compares the differences between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn more how you can utilities each social media to your advantage in finding the job of your dreams. This project was created and devel...

A First – Sign Language Interpreters at Modi’s Swearing-in Ceremony –

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Around 18 million deaf Indian citizens will be able to follow all details of Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony on Monday with sign language interpretation facilities at the installation of a new prime minister for ...

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